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Sally Mowforth
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01482 372 404
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We are delighted to announce that we have recieved a 'Good' in our latest CQC inspection report. The report will be available shortly.

At a glance

We accept detained patients

10 male beds

5 female beds

15 total beds



Our range of care services offer mental health support for people from the age of 18, for men with organic mental health needs, women with functional mental health needs, and support for those with early onset dementia or with the need for 24-hour psychiatric nursing care. Services also include supportive care for any associated behavioural challenges, promoting individual wellbeing and independent living skills, as well as offering access to a consultant, physiotherapist and occupational therapist. Castle Lodge has developed close links with the local community.

Occupational Therapy is provided by our qualified Occupational Therapist, enabling patients to learn new skills and enhance existing abilities. There is a ‘life skills’ kitchen, enabling individuals to gain or regain skills in preparation for independent living on both the male and female dining rooms.

The dedicated care pathway running throughout Castle Care Village offers choice to patients as their needs change - those with failing health or increasing physical health needs may have an opportunity to move to one of our nursing care facilities. Our palliative care facility is also available if it is not appropriate to remain within the hospital, or if the patient would be more comfortable moving to one of our nursing facilities where staff are appropriately trained.