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General manager:
Sue Carter
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01325 366 000
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We are welcoming new patients into our service to ensure that we are there for those that need care and support.

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The Darnton Suite at Hundens Park provides care and support for adults living with dementia and mental ill-health, often with associated distress reactions. Our aim is to offer a therapeutic and supportive environment where a person’s dignity and independence have top priority.

At a glance

We accept non-detained patients

21 male beds

8 female beds

49 total beds

50 and over


Within walking distance of the main railway station in Darlington, The Darnton Suite at Hundens  Park is pleasantly situated on a former bowling green and park.

Our dedicated team delivers first-class, person-centred care, giving people a quality of support that is unique and innovative, whilst ensuring individuals remain in control of their lives. Emphasis is placed on enhancing wellbeing through relationship-centred support and providing the individual with a meaningful day.

Our capable and experienced team works towards supporting choice, change and wellbeing. Working within the philosophy of true person-centred care, our team supports everyone to make their own decisions and choices regarding daily life and social activity.

We work in partnership with Personal Care Trusts and social services departments across the UK to provide a warm and homely environment for adults living with dementia and associated distress reactions. Admission is based on a clinical assessment by our multidisciplinary team to ensure we are able to meet the needs of each individual.