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We are welcoming new patients into our service to ensure that we are there for those that need care and support.

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Hawthorns Care Centre is situated in Peterlee and provides care and rehabilitation services for those aged 18 and above requiring Specialist and Complex Neurological and Respiratory Care. At the heart of the Hawthorns team is a shared passion to provide the best care possible for each individual: this is achieved through good leadership, excellent communication, a shared vision, together with trust and empathy for those we care for. We enable individuals to regain control and independence where possible and we ensure that not only the individual, but their families and friends, are supported through challenging times.

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The Hawthorns provides neurological care services for those recovering from traumatic or non-traumatic brain or spinal injury.  This includes support and enablement for those with long term neurological conditions and a higher dependency floor where care is provided for people with complex neurological and respiratory care and rehabilitation needs.

We provide active rehabilitation packages as well as long term and respite placements. Our goal orientated therapy programmes are tailored to an individual’s ability and potential.

Our experienced and highly qualified care and therapy teams, led by a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, deliver person-centred care to ensure the individual remains in control of their lives. Our purpose-built accommodation has been specifically created for adults with complex neurological, physical or cognitive needs.

Our specialist care service for individuals who require higher dependency nursing and multidisciplinary team intervention, includes patients with invasive and non-invasive ventilation needs those with complex respiratory needs or who are minimally conscious. We can provide SMART (specific, measurable, accountable, realistic and time limited) assessment and treatment and are proud to have Headway accreditation as an approved provider.

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