Barchester Healthcare operates seven independent hospitals across England for people with mental health issues. The range of services available is different for each hospital. Amongst many others Barchester successfully supports:

  • Rehabilitative care and return to the community for people from low and medium secure environments
  • Adults with complex neurological needs
  • Adults under 65 with organic mental health needs, including complex, challenging dementia and alcohol-related brain injury
  • Adults with Huntington’s disease
  • Adults with functional mental health needs 

In our hospitals we focus on enabling recovery from enduring mental illness through choice, change and a positive attitude to improvements in lifestyle.

NHS Mental Health Trusts

We work collaboratively with NHS mental health foundation trusts across England to provide a rehabilitation-focused, step-down service from medium or low secure accommodation. Our services are designed to support adults living with long-term mental health conditions in some cases. We also provide respite care and short breaks.

Our hospitals are licensed by Monitor, the independent regulator for hospitals in England, and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

Monitor Licence Agreement