Welcome to Barchester Healthcare, where we specialise in delivering top quality care to the people living in our well staffed, comfortable, secure and happy homes and hospitals.

We believe every one of the individuals we support deserves dignity, choice and independence. For us, recognising individuality means listening to what people tell us and ensuring every day is thoroughly enjoyable. Our approach includes jointly written care plans designed to help us learn about personal likes and dislikes as well as helping to set care and rehabilitative goals encouraging independence. We help the people we support keep up community links and welcome those visits from family and friends that can be so important.

Barchester Healthcare supports adults of all ages and works flexibly in collaboration with those people and local communities to provide integrated care solutions. Barchester ensures they respect individuals and the way they want to live their lives.

Our services

We operate a number of Independent Hospitals across England and whilst the range of services available differs between each hospital and complex care service, we successfully support adults with:

  • organic mental health needs (including complex dementia and alcohol-related brain injury)
  • Huntington's disease
  • functional mental health needs
  • neurological and rehabilitation care needs

These services are commissioned and funded by the NHS and local authority adult services, and in many areas we are part of standard NHS continuing healthcare frameworks for the agreed procurement of our services.

We’re growing

Today, our 17,000 staff support more than 11,000 people in over 200 care homes and 7 Independent Hospitals, with services that range from dementia care to complex care services. High-quality homes have remained integral to us since the start but we have also developed a number of partnerships with health commissioners and providers based on local needs and opportunities. These include building registered hospitals, helping devise new care pathways and caring for a wide variety of adult needs in both our registered hospitals and in specialised homes.